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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

Week 7 Lecture 1 – October 23 2012 Greek Religion (Expression of Religious beliefs) - Essential to understand philosophy - Not proper or systematic - Really talking about disparities - What is religion? o Hierarchy o Explains mysteries of life o Belief in higher power o Moral principle o Explains creation o Concern with the afterlife  Summarizes that religion is about structure which gives us explanations about how and why we live the way we do o No difference between religion and science - Greek world has an absence of this structure, severely lacking o Greek philosophy fills this void - In an anthropological point of view there is no kind of religion - Myth and ritual o This is where expression of belief is profound o What are they? - Myth o Set of ideas that are important to a community, this is what myths contain, essential ideas o Fraught with a lot of arguments about what they really are o Cannot look to mythology for explanations o In the ancient Greek mind, mythology had no lessons - What are the Gods in the ancient world? o Do not impose structure o Anything supernatural was a God o Gods are selfish, always want praise or honor o Their community is cosmos heaven o They come and go
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