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Lecture 7

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Alexis Young

Greek World Lecture 7 Athens  the most important city-state in our study 1. best documented polis 2. political/cultural institutions were imitated 3. only example of a major independent polis to successfully adopt direct democracy The Persian Empire  dominated by 300 years until Alexander the Great  Turkey 536 under control The Persian Wars  Heradotus (c. 485 – 425 BCE)  The most important ancient source of the rise of Persia and the Persian wars  From Halicarnassus  Father of history (first Greek historian)  Earliest Greek book in prose  Account of his researches from his travels o Egypt: book two th o Total picture of the known world in the 5 Century  Work is called “Histories” Rise of Persia  King Croesus of Lydia (ca. 560 – 547 BCE) o Conquered the Greek city-state of Ionia  Built temple of Artemis at Ephesos  Conflict with king Cyrus of Persia  Oracle of Apollo’s ambiguous reply; if war was waged against Persians, a great Kingdom would fall Revolt in Ionia  499 BCE Ionian Greeks revolt against Persians  Appeal to Athens and Sparta for help  King Darius swears vengeance on Athens Battle of Marathon 490 BCE  Pheidippides sent to Sparta; Plataeans send aid  Still outnumbered (30,000 v
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