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Lecture 4

CL102 week 4

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CL102 week 4 9/30/2013 3:02:00 PM The Household  The domus was the basic unit of Roman society  Paterfamilias (father of the family) o Unparalleled power over offspring o Right to dispose of family members as he saw fit  Can kill or sell into slavery o Girls convened by PF unless his power transmitted to a husband through manus marriage o He could demand that a married child divorce a spouse if it served his purposes o Vest Virgins exempt from the power of PF Guardianship  Roman women assigned a guardian, usually the PF  Custom of guardianship gradually eroded; finally abolished under DIOCLETIAN , c.2850305 CE Patria Potestas  Had absolute power over his children and other agnatic descendants  EX> he decided whether or not the new-born child should be reared  He punished misconduct o Penalties as severe as banishment, slavery and death o He alone could own and exchange property o Unlimited by the state unless the PF was proven insane or mentally incompetent o Not supposed to be despotic or tyrannical o Had a duty to consult other members of the family o Family council included his adult sons and wife Manus  A transference of power from the father to the husband which resulted in the martial subordination of the woman  Romans viewed Manus marriage as a way of keeping women in line  Practice of Manus marriage also gradually diminishes over time  Change in domestic religion: o Woman worshipped her husbands family gods, not those of her own father  Gave a woman access to her husbands property  Men used marriage as a means to cement political ties between men o EX> Octavia, sister of Augustus/Octavian, married to Mark Anthony)  Both partners had to consent to the marriage but woman could only refuse to marriage if the man is proven morally unfit Dominica Postestas  The authority of the Pater Familias over property, including slaves Agnati  The closest tie of a relationship known to the Romans  Al those related to each other, by their male line to a single Pater Familias if he wer
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