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CL329 Lecture Mar 20,2013

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Nirmal Dass

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March 20 2013 Sacred Geography  Participation mystique is a concept related to Levy Bruhl  Levy Bruhl:  “The bond between a person and his country is not merely geographic but also living, spiritual, and sacred.” – Bruhl  This concept summarized in one word: chiasmus  This means the individual is the geography and the land is the individual  History is humanity’s encounter with nature and nature’s encounter with humanity  Humanity always projects its ideas outwardly so that they can exist in the physical world  If we do not impose ourselves on nature, nature will impose itself on us  The process of naming something makes it sacred, therefore sacred geography is geography that has a name  The naming process gives meaning to something  We can only live by doing this process  In relation to Rome:  Roma Quadrata  The square of Rome which was marked out by Romulus with a plow  When we look out into geography we are always giving it
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