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Lecture 4

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Nirmal Dass

CL 390- Lecture 4 Need to keep up with the readings Mesopotamia Continued…  Music from last class- read from top to bottom  Pu’abi- Akkadian queen, 2400-2500 BCE, gold lyre with bull on front found, two flutes were also found in her grave, bent them so they were useless in the human life, but perfect in the after life, double pipes- play them together- made out of silver, strings were made from cat guts  It might resemble the sound of the bull- which is also the sound of the calling of the gods, the bull has a beard- it is a stand in for the gods, might be Enlil  Creatures that resemble outside the human sphere  Unearthly- bringing the sound of the gods to humans  You cannot hear the gods outside of music, might be the language of the gods  Music is used to evoke the gods to come into the temple and reside  What role is music playing?  These immanent objects are given significance when played, it doesn’t matter what the lyre is made of, what matters when all the elements come together to create the lyre, the elements disappear and the message and what is does i
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