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Lecture 5

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

CL 390F Lecture 5  Library discovered which gives us cuneiform tablets  The refinement in magic is discovered in the Hittite context, where it has a way of life, tied in with a magical process  Hittites- located in present day Turkey, close to Syrian boarder  Hatti- library discovered  Ancient culture dated to 2300 BCE  Earliest Indo-European civilization, helps us to understand how it spread  Hittites cremate their bodies and burials are conducted different  Very powerful nation  Battle of Kadesh, in which the Hittites defeat the Egypt’s  Given their location, the ancient city of Troy was probably located there  They have a whole pantheon of gods  Chief god- god of thunder, depicted often with a axe and lightening bolt  Large portions of music we have are about god of thunder  Mother goddess  Names are problematic  The gods are involved in daily activity  Rituals and prayers done constantly, they needed constant communication with the gods  Library- they kept records in cuneiform and on stone instead of clay  Tells us not just about them but about their neighbors  They are also written in Akkadian and Sumerian also  Empire- large influence on the area, Hittites had an advantage over other and were chief suppliers of chariots and horses  Magic in the Hittite Context- Sympathetic, Apotropaic  Sympathetic Magic- imitative magic, early medicine is part of sympathetic magic, on the concept of herbal magic, belief that being part of these physical objects will create energy that will be drawn into you and cannot harm you  Influencing reality concept- becomes
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