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Wilfrid Laurier University
Nirmal Dass

CL 390 F- Oct. 24 Jewish Magic  Kabbalah- esoteric traditions- those ideas that are far greater then scripter  Hidden within the process of finding the mysterious, Da’at (wisdom)  Wisdom will give us insight- Shekhinat  Esoteric- Greek word “eso”, those things that are hidden, anything that is mysterious and continually defines explanation- eso becomes mystical, it cannot be brought into words  Certain types/versions of God (Sephirot)- 10 versions, God does things for reality to exist  God is in everything that is creation, Kabbalah says that anything is tied up with these divine characterizes  Creation of Adam- nothing at first, just clay, but it is transformed when God breathes into it, he is infusing the clay doll with his energy  Fusion of immortality and mortality is where we get life  Fusing energy into something not real makes it real  Made the mind able to understand something of this complexity  Why does God need creation?  Why is there something when there could be nothing? –Kabbalah says it is a process, which beings with a awareness  Metaphysics- means an explanation of physical reality, tries to understand the physical purpose of the reality  Why do they exist? What is the point?  This is the being of wisdom  Spiritual Ladder  First- Awareness- must be a reason behind this, mind for inquiry  Metaphysics- experience  There is immediately silence, language will fail us, except for one thing, at the highest level there is an intimate part of God realms is music (musica arcana), music that only exists in the realm of God  Kabbalah leads us to the motion of music- alien outside of language  Once we enter into the realm and everything, as human beings disappears- language is our main thing- once language disappears, what is left?  Relationship between life is becomes doable when there is a relationship with God, when left by there self, humans don’t prosper  Purpose can only become possible with each individual life, we carry within us a part of God  People walk blindly through life until we die  Why am I here when I could never exist? Kabbalah says we need to find that answer on our own, gives us purpose  In this process we understand God and discover ourselves- duality  Uncovering the purpose of why we exist  To understand this approach, we understand ourselves  Kabbalah- sayi
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