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Lecture 6

AS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Solar Wind, Ring System, Solar Time

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Jupiter and Satrun emit!! heat than absorbed from the sun due
!More; heat left over from their formation
Which of the following statements about the rings of the 4 jovian planets is not
!All probably look much like they did when the solar system first formed
What is a Roche zone
!The region near a planet where tidal forces would tear apart an object held
together only by gravity
Saturn is how far from the sun
!10 AU
What mechanism is most responsible for generating the internal heat of IO that
drives volcanic activity
!Tidal heating
The belts and zones of jupiter are
!Alternating bands of rising and falling air at different latitudes
How thick are saturnʼs rings from top to bottom
!A few tens of metres
Which of the following does Jupiter not have
!Crustal plates on its surface
All but one of the following statements about Mars are true. Which is false
!The Martian atmosphere is fairly substantial with a composition similar to earth
Which of these moons is the most geologically active
Mars is how far from the sun
!1.5 AU
All but one of the following statements about mercury are true. Which is false
!Mercury has a very thin atmosphere which is strange because there are still
active volcanoes outgassing carbon dioxide and water vapour
Why are there no impact craters on the surface of Io
!Io did have impact craters but they have all ben buried in lava flows
Mercury's Large core is composed of
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