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Lecture 7

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Matthew Smith

 Clicker question answers: o organic molecules essential to formation of life could have been made in the absence of life in the conditions on primordial Earth o Miller-Urey experiment showed that molecules crucial to life could be produced abiotically  Miller-Urey Experiment o ~50% of carbon put into experiment came to be part of organic molecules o Their experiment did not produce macromolecules; only the building blocks (purines, pyramidines, fatty acids, etc.)  Polymers from Monomers o Polymers were not formed in Miller-Urey Experiment o Polymerization reactions can occur on various surfaces (i.e. solid surfaces --> clay) o Putting amino acids or purines/pyramidines, etc. onto a solid surface such as clay can allow for the monomers to react (polymerization) in order to form polymers  Protobionts: The First Cells o Protobionts --> group of abiotically-produced organic molecules surrounded by membrane/membrane-like structure  Can form spontaneously  Phospholipids in a sol'n can spontaneously form a membrane  Phospholipids have hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails; hydrophobic tails associate and hydrophilic heads point away from each other thus in a sol'n, they spontaneously arrange into a membrane  Form spontaneously due to chemical processes  Primitive cell-like structure  Macromolecules captured in the middle of a membrane-bound vesicle  Essential to formation of life; gave a separate environment from aqueous environment  Compartmentalizes things  Some properties of life  May have been precursors of cells  The Central Dogma o DNA --> RNA --> Protein o o In order for central dogma to progress, various proteins are required to implement this process  Ribozymes o RNA molecules that catalyze specific reactions  Like enzymes (since they catalyze reactions), and are RNA (thus ribo for ribosome) o Discovered by Thomas Cech o DNA and proteins may have evolved after RNA o o Cech's hypothesis --> there may have been RNA molecules in early cells which served very basic functions and catalyzed very basic reactions o RNA may have served many functions --> storing info and catalyzing reactions  Testing the "RNA World" Hypothesis o David Bartel o Trie
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