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Lecture 19

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Smith

 Clicker questions: o If you isolated an animal cell and put it into a sol'n hypertonic to the cell cytoplasm, what would happen?  There would be a net flow of water out of cell; the cell would shrink o A cell that responds to a signal molecules is distinguished from a cell that doesn't respond by the fact that the cell that does respond, has:  Receptor for the signal molecule o Which statement is false?  Binding of a signal molecule to a surface receptor change the conformation of the receptor to allow entry of the signal molecule   Example: Stimulation of glycogen breakdown in liver cells by epinephrine o Sutherland (won Nobel Prize) o Studied secretion of hormone epinephrine by adrenal gland  Leads to increase in blood glucose  Hormone is first messenger  Leads to formation of second messenger  Leads to activation of enzyme for glycogen to glucose conversion   Reception by a cell-surface receptor o Signal molecules  Hormones  Neurotransmitters o Receptors Integral membrane glycoproteins  o Responses usually rapid, short-lived events o  Reception by a receptor within cell o Signal molecules  Steroid hormones  Testosterone, estrogen o Intracellular receptors  Steroid hormone receptor  Hormone-binding domain & DNA-binding domain o Responses occur over a longer time o  Signal molecule must have some hydrophobic properties in order to cross the membrane  Surface Receptors  Integral membrane proteins --> glycoproteins o Binding of a signal molecule  Specific fit,
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