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The Canadian Capital Market Diagrams and explanations of how the entire capital market of Canada operates, referred back to many times during the course

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

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L2BU11112102011The Economic Environment Canadian Capital MarketsFactors of ProductionThe basic resources that a countrys business use to produce goods and servicesThere are five factors of productionoCapital the financial resources needed to operate a businessoLabour the mental and physical factors of productionoNatural Resources physical resources such as land mineralswateroEntrepreneurs people who accept the risks involved in creating and operating a businessoInformation Resourcesinformation such as economic data market information various measures of performance sales costs etc and the means whereby this information can be quickly summarized retrieved and used by managersCapitalWe will begin by examining how firms and government raise the capital money necessary to operateMoney that is requiredInternal vs Ext
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