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Leanne Hagarty

Course Model & Environmental Analysis Models Critical Success Factors • Achieving financial performance • Meeting customer needs • Building quality products and services • Encouraging innovation and creativity • Gaining employee commitment • Creating a distinctive competitive advantage Diamond-E Framework  Identifies key variables to be considered in strategic analysis Strategy-Environment Linkage • Strategy: what opportunities the business is pursuing – determines needed resources, organizational capabilities, and management preferences • critical linking variable • each variable related to the rest • any variable can either drive or constrain strategy • Principal logic – CONSISTENCY or alignment • First task - deal with strategy-environment linkage – Assess forces at work and their implications Course Model & Environmental Analysis Models Principal Logic • Importance of Consistency between variables • Examples: – P&G Strategy in 2000 (inconsistency) – Ikea Strategy (consistency) • Note: Absolute alignment is not realistic First Task • First task: Deal with strategy-environment linkage • Assess forces at work and their implications • Examples: – Digital Camera Market-Canon vs. Kodak External Analysis How to do an external analysis • General environment – PEST model – considers political, economic, social/demographic, and technological factors – Identifies general trends and changes • Specific environment – Porter’s Five Forces - analyzes five important sources of competitive pressure and intensity; predicts profitability of industry • Look for data, statistics,
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