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Lecture 7

CS100 Lecture 7: Cs 100 week 8 lecture 7

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Communication Studies
Jonathan Finn

Cs 100 week 8 lecture 7 David nye Invention A completely new technology Very rare Ex supercomputer Innovation New ways to make a previous technology useful Ex laptop Diffusion of technologies The phonograph predicted to be used as: Speaking toys Clocks could call out the hour Advertisements on the street Delivering lectures Explaining how to get to the next plae Aid to biz men to dicate letters to their secretaries a s a musical instrument Nye The best design does not always win, in fact it loses more often quality and whether something spreads widely is not highly correlated. Dystopian visions Hegemonic miniority gains control via technology Apocalyptic new technologies are agents of doom Satiric make life worse or reverse of intended outcomes Darpa 1: active authentication
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