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Lecture 5

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Communication Studies
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Jeremy Hunsinger

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Audiences Canada was in the top ten of press readings. Our Journalism isn’t what it once was. Press freedom goes down: you don’t know what’s going on in the world around you. We have less access then what was used to. Social Media: Being social while using social media. Television was social media, everyone would sit around a tv together and talk. That doesn’t happen anymore. Newspapers were also once social. Reading the paper with your family. Regionalism: different in every province, different rules, policies, funding, etc Class operation: Social groups. Media treats these classes differently. Example: going to a bar and feeling like you don’t belong there. Tv show you don’t like is play, surrounding, etc People who watch hockey are not the kind of people watching a tv romance Cbc readings: uses nelson report. People fill out the surveys and tell them what they watch. CBC wants to know what we are watching. What demographic is wants to see. Age: depending on our age, reflects on what we watch. Demographics: Just the study of populations. Models of media interaction: 1. The direct effects model, also known as the injection model (I say something your mind changes). You see, you hear, you respond. When I say something you change. However, a lot of us reject these things, we have the ability so reject it. However, the model still sees it as “you say, we do”\ 2. 2 step model: instead of you getting the message from me you would get the message form someone you directly respect. i.e, doctor tells you use to certain toothpaste, we listen because we think they actually know things, we respect them. Experts that we think should have direct opinions. Someone could have a great idea, however we don’t listen to them because they are not “expertise”. 3. Uses a
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