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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Ian Roderick

Communications 101 11192013 123700 PM Course Outline Faculty of Arts Left sideCourse Outline What is Communications Defining Communications Transmission Sharing Communications as a oneway Communications as a collective processprocessWhat can we say about these definitionsCOMMUNICATION Marriam Webster more so on the transmission side trying to get away from square try definitionsCommunication can includeOralWrittenNonverbalVisual or graphicalNumerical MassUses of CommunicationInformation gathering storage retrieval and disseminationPersuasion Propaganda and publicityEntertainmentSocializationIndividual attainment people get self satisfaction Others Communications Studies Bus Commutations Vs Com St Paul Lazarsfeldcritical vs administrative orientation VocationalFacilitativeAdministrative Practical VocationalPhotography Sound Engineer Web Designer Art DirectorCritical Creative Facilitative Media relations officer Radio Producer Copy editor Advertising account managerCommunications Studies isIs a broad discipline that incorporates both social sciences and humanities perspectives to consider the role of communications in the on going production of social relations Two extremesfind a middle ground Why study Mass CommunicationsMarshall McLuhan o Radio cinema and television as a classroom without wallsEvaluation the AnalogyThe curriculumThe studentsThe Instructorss How accurate asThe mass Communications Process Term comes into use in the late 1930s though the characteristic associated with mass communications have already been recognized and understood o Large scale distribution and reception o Seemingly one directional flow o Asymmetrical relationships between producers and consumers o Impersonal and anonymous o Content is mass manufactured and standardized o Profit motivated primarilyTransmission ModelWho communicatorSays what Messagein which channel medium to whomwith what effectShannonWeavertelephone game by the end of it all often there are things that interfereTopdown models and their variants can be referred to asThe hypodermic modelMagic bullet modelFrom Linear to Looping ActionModify ActionCollect sensory informationFeedback The models get complicatedWhat they all have in common Everyone is reactions the same way we need to find a middle groundWe need to move beyond the preoccupation with bad messagesSignificance on Mass Media PoliticalMass media have becomeAn essential element in the processes of liberal democratic politics
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