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Lecture 6

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Natalie Coulter

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CS101 Advertising Lecture 6 What is advertising? -A form of communication used to persuade audiences to take action -To buy -But also to vote a certain way, to donate, or to change behaviour (PSA) Ad Nauseum? -Mid 1970s-Average person exposed to 500 ads per day -Mid 1980s-Average person exposed to 1600 ads per day -Mid 1990s-Average person is exposed to 3500 ads per day -2006-Approximately 5000 ads per day [5000 is a bit low, need to include brand name products into that] Ads are Creeping up -Stealth Ads-ads that are outside of the media but in public places now. Ex. Sidewalk advertising -Product Placement -Infomercials -Viral Advertising Part of our Culture -Permeates our cultural environment (Corporate speak – bbm someone) -Is a privileged form of discourse and an integral component of modern culture -An accepted part of everyday life -Flyers were the first form of advertising -In 1468 William Caxton printed the first ad History of Advertising -Mid-1800s-Advertising goes national -Tran transportation = creates new networks for distribution -Magazines reach out to national markets -1869-Ayer Agency [people begin to specialize in advertising – advertising agencies] -1889-Anson McKim-first ad agency in Canada Adbusters-activist group Advertising is part of the Economy -Advertising is a fundamental part of the economy 1. Big Business -Canadian companies in -2009 $6.97 billion -2007 $385 billion worldwide -US-500 agencies employ over 120 000 people Advertising Agencies -500 top agencies employ approximately 120 000 people worldwide -Creative positions -Client liaison CS101 Advertising Lecture 6 -Media buying -Market research 2. Central to Consumer Capitalism -informs us about goods -seduces us to buy goods (Andrew Potter) -creates wants for goods (John Kenneth Galbraith) – we have no choice 3. Drives the Media -Advertising=revenue for media -“A magazine if simply s device to induce people to read advertising” –James Collins, 1907 Target Market -Goal of media – to deliver lucrative au
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