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Lecture 9

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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Lecture #9 Week 11 Communication Studies in Practice -Pride Toronto -Published Pride magazine -400 000 copy distribution -Social media management – on facebook and twitter posting everything -6 full time staff managers -The Kelly Rowland Experience – had Kelly Rowland there and used voice-over-internet protocol and webcammed David Guetta from France – artist relations -CP24 worked with Pride and made webisodes entitled ‘what does pride mean to you’ -Warne Marketing and Communications -marketing account coordinator -did what clients wanted -major responsibility was ad campaigns -NGI Inc. off site building -Promote artists -Get involved Internet -Digital Nation -We’re all in different worlds – but in the same house -Can’t multitask anymore -Hard for people to accept reality – hard to get people to stop these behaviours Ways of Understanding the Technology -Technological determinism -“The medium is the message” McLuhan -Assume that technology causes a social change The Problem with Technological Determinism -No human agency -choice of how to use -choice in design, organization and development -institutions have influenced -what technology is designed -how is it designed -how is it used -how is it understood (military, family, religion, education, corporations) Need to Think of: -Remember technology operates within specific social contexts -It’s not what technology does, but what do people do with technology -Media technology and social forces that shape evolution and use – “dynamic tension” -New media also reshape how old media is used – Ex. radio reshaped in TV age CS101 Lecture #9 Week 11 -Social, political, cultural,
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