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Lecture 8

CT 203 Lecture 8: CT203 - Lecture Notes - 02.09.16

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Contemporary Studies
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James A Le Clair

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Week #6 February 9th, 2016
If humans evolved from monkeys and apes, then why are there sll monkeys and apes?
 !
Human Origins
#3- 
#3- #3-3
o "
Dr. James LeClair | CT203 Goldie-Anne Weiss | WLU | Winter 2016

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th Week #6 February 9 , 2016 “If humans evolved from monkeys and apes, then why are there still monkeys and apes?” – said no one who understand the theory of evolution by natural selection, ever ➢ Human are not monkeys, they are apes ➢ Humans are evolved from pre-existing species that are now EXTINCT and are related to modern-day monkeys Human Origins ➢ Australopithecines are an ancient, ancestor species to the genus homo ➢ Homo habilis (2,400,000 – 1,400,000 ABP [million years ago]) is believed to be one of the earliest users of stone tools o Part of the cultural revolution o They are from the same genus – homo ➢ Homo erectus (1,900,000 – 143,000 ABP) may have been the first species to eat cooked food o Heavy parasitism ▪ Eliminate some of those parasites with cooking o Cooking is one of the ways in which gendered domestic roles o It dramatically increases the amount of calories and nutrients ▪ Take the same food stuffs and increase the amount of nutrients that are available o Women control the numbers of the population ▪ This domestic relationship which ultimately goes ➢ Homo (Sapiens) Neanderthalensis is our closest extinct relative; they lived in Europe and Asia from 200,000 to ~28,000 years ago, and interbred with Homo (Sapiens) Sapiens o Most recent extinct ancestors o If you are of Asian/European descent, there is interbreeding between Homo (Sapiens) Neanderthalensis and Homo (Sapiens) Sapiens ▪ Homo sapiens have existed in the anatomically modern form since ~200,000 years ago o There is no evidence that shows that Neanderthalensis were in the Americas ▪ Only thing that we know is that they made it to Siberia • Make it through Beringa ▪ People have been here for at least 20,000 o By 10,000 years ago, the entire world had been populated with the exception of Oceania o By 500 C.E. the w
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