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Lecture 4

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Thomas Rose

for many conventional practitioners of RJ, the goal is to maintain social rder and to return affairs to the status quo.” -Woolford LimitationsofBlack-LetterLawApproachtoCrime -laws create a hierarchy of privileged harms -example: property crime is more privileged -protestors in G20 (public property) -Animal rights activists, environmental activists and aboriginals classified as terrorists or extremist groups -subject to criminal prosecution because they are publicly against public policy -laws tend to constrict the concept of victim and offender -laws work to reinforce power structure of existing criminal justice institutions and its actors -has negative byproduct whereby new conditions of individual and institution corruption comes about -laws can dampen enthusiasm to question authority -people are scared to question anything because charges can be laid against them HarmasaRJTrigger: “Harmful events that are not recognized under criminal codes must be taken into consideration. Any concept of restorative meetings to discuss these and other such issues is unlikely to inspire much in the way of social transformation.” CONFLICT > HARM > CRIME... therefore if your aim is to reduce harm and crime, you must figure out the underlying causes of conflict and attack the issue from there NORMATIVE VIOLATION -example: wal
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