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Cindy Mc Mann

March 4 , 2013 EN218 Lecture 25 Comic Book Form - Types of visual/text combination o Word specific  Dominated by words o Picture specific  Dominated by pictures o Work together to reinforce a concept o Parallel (also montage)  Words seem to have nothing to do with the pictures that are going on behind them  Start by not seeing the connections of the plot, but by the end, you do  Everything contributes thematically in some way…signs on buses, sign on walls, writing on shirts o Interdependent  Message wouldn’t be clear if the text was looked at without the picture or the picture without the text  Interplay between word and picture allows the text to present ironies  Under-language (can reveal information in ways that other media cannot do independently) o Unique combination of words and pictures - Levels of abstraction o Pyramid of totality of possibility for an artist o Bottom  Photorealism o Top  Abstracted to line drawing into more abstracted, which is language  Language, visually, has nothing to do what is being described (relationship is arbitrary) o Trying to represent an idea will lean toward the abstract o Movement where art can just be art (shape, colors, lines, etc.) o Most comic book writers will try interplay between resemblance and meaning (bottom-ish of pyramid) o Written description = harder to visualize and visual = harder t
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