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Lecture 3

FS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: The Hurt Locker, Do The Right Thing, Tracking Shot

Film Studies
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Katherine Spring

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FS 101 – Lecture 3
Dierence between Frame, Shot and Scene
Frame: a single image captured by the camera
Shot: an uninterrupted series of frames (a “take”)
Scene: a shot or series of shots that comprise a single,
uni#ed dramatic event or block of storytelling
“putting into the scene”
Setting – physical environment
oPlays an active role in our comprehension of the
oA) On Location – “The Hurt Locker” or “Do The Right
oB) Studio Set – “A Trip to The Moon
oC) CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) – “Avatar
Human Figure
oA) Staging
oB) Acting – Realism?
E.g., Brechtian distanciation – non-immersive
way of acting; constant reminder to the
audience they are watching a fabricated
performance (“breaking the fourth wall”)
Direct address to the camera
oA) Quality – hard (lots of contrast and shadows) vs.
soft (less shadows)
oB) Direction – the path of light from its source to the
object lit
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