FS101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Late Capitalism, National Film Board Of Canada, Oligopoly

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Narraive elements: order of events; character goals. Stylisic elements: camera movement, props, ediing, special efects, stylisic elements help to describe and communicate narraive elements. Film form: a system of relaionships between elements: the narraive and stylisic elements interact together to create a ilm"s total formal system. When the elements work together to create a story/narraive, it becomes narraive form. Story/plot: story (fabula): the sum total of all events that are explicitly presented and that the viewer infers, the story takes place in between what is shown on screen. Events that took place before the plot; details of a character"s past: ellipses: period of ime between explicitly presented diegeic events. Characters (agents: moivaion: the central cause behind a character"s acions, characterizaion: the process of conveying informaion about characters. 4) climax/epilogue: turning point: a narraive movement that signals an important shit of some kind in character or situaion. Elements have funcions (roles in the narraive/efects!)

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