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FS103 Lecture Notes - Stop Motion, Eyeline Match, Bollywood

Film Studies
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Philippa Gates

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Course Infomation 10/2/2012 8:08:00 PM
FS 103 September 10, 12
Contact Information
Dr. Gates
Office 3-153 (woods)
Office hours: Mondays 1:30 - 3:30
USE mylaurier email address to WLU.
Name that Genre:
Subgenres within a genre, you can have different kinds of film
- Drama
- Comedy
- Action
- Hybridity
Supplemental Instruction
Each week a SI assistant will facilitate learning groups where you and your
peers will work together on learning the course content and preparing for
Every Sunday, 5:00-7:00 in room 2-C16 (Arts)
Bonus marks: 1% for every three sessions attended
Pricilla Galvez:
University Services
The writing Centre
Accessible learning centre
Academic advising
Study skills

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Defining Genre and Film Analysis 10/2/2012 8:08:00 PM
Genre: narrative film vs. documentary
French word meaning type or kind
Musical, western, science fiction
Sub genre: comedy romantic comedy
Cycle; a specific period of popularity of genre
“Commercial feature film tell familiar stories with similar characters
and plots”
“Commercial films are produced for profit”
Hollywood film we relate to commercial film (to produce income,
not as much an art form)
World cinema: Hong Kong (swordplay film), Japan (samurai film),
India (bollywood musical)
Genre a group of films that share common elements
Major film genres: western, musical, melodrama, horror, and thriller
1. Blueprint: formula that precedes/programs the production of film.
Main idea
2. Structure: formal framework on which a film can be based
The specifics
3. Label: used to identify and differentiate
Attracts audience with genre, stars, production companies
4. Contract: an agreement between producers and the audience.
Meeting expectations
Promise that producers are not lying to you about genre
Popular genre reflects our fears and concerns. Help us understand our
culture through the societal fears.
What does a current popular film say about our society? (Avatar,
Emotional effect
o Horror, comedy, weepie‟s

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o Sci-fi, musical
o Social problem film
o Current setting, any city, and society
o Western
Character type
o Gangster film, detective film
Genre labels are sometimes created by critics, completely
E.g. Film noir; considered originally as gangster films, war films but
French critics named them film noir because of their similar dark
and depressing themes
Conventions the common recognizable elements of a genre
Sets, settings, props, motifs, characters, themes
o Representation: present a person in a specific way
Hero vs. Villain
Symbolic meaning: invites interpretation
o Action hero = Christ like figure
Verisimilitude: appearance of being true or real
o Believability, plausibility, likely
o Believable within the fictional realm of the watched film
o E.g. dancing in a musical, talking animals in a comedy
Parody: Humour in playing with generic expectations
The Aim: to break a film down to component parts
It reveals how the film is put together
Reveal to self how a film is put together
Editing and filming highlighted by analysis
To understand how a director uses the components/elements.
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