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James Hamilton

GG101 Week 9 Lecture 2 4) Water Balance  Precipitation o measure using rain gauges o Lysimeter o potential evapotranspiration (PE)  latitudinal pattern, as we move northward we have less potential evapotranspiration o Where there is a soil moisture deficit  AE will be less than PE  Withdrawing water faster than receiving it o Plot a soil water balance (Fig 9.10)  allows us to see how much moisture we are utilizing and when the recharge to the soils occur  precipitation (P)  PE  AE  Utilization  Deficit  difference between PE and AE  Recharge o Soil moisture budgets (Fig 9.10)  Can you explain the differences between locations? Slope Hydrology and Groundwater (chapter 9 and 14 pages 234-236, 246-254, 447-449)  Slope Hydrology o fig 9.2 o P precipitation  infiltrates ground  can be intercepted  some moisture going to evaporate from tree canopy - evapotransporation  moisture can run off the surface directly (OF)  percolation can happen - water moving down into the soil itself  TH can happen - lateral movement of water, forced to migrate laterally down slope  Some will percolate down to the water table  4 routes water can take to get to the channel  direct precipitation  o
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