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James Hamilton

GG101 Week 11 Lecture 2 o fluvial  relating to, or occurring in a river o alluvium  sediments transported and deposited by streams o drainage basin (watershed)  spatial area occupied and drained by a river system o drainage divide  boundary between adjacent basins  Streamflow o discharge (Q)  volume of water passing a point in a channel per unit time o for a simple channel, discharge is the product of channel depth (d), width (w), and stream velocity (v)  Q = w*d*v o figure 14.33 o how is discharge measured?  Processes o in a given stream channel, as discharge (Q) increases there are also increases in stream width, depth and velocity o erosion  overall breaking down, picking up, and transportation of materials  involves a sequence of events:  detachment (hydraulic action and abrasion) o pulls some material off the bank (detached from its position at rest)  entrainment (function of velocity) o brings it into the flow  transport (several modes of transport) o sediments in a stream move by:  i) suspension  fine grain sediments suspended within flow  ii) saltation  sand grain moves through a series of jump/steps  iii) traction (rolling)  rolling along  iv) solution  deposition o deposits material somewhere else o particle deposition occurs when the flow velocity is reduced and the flow cannot keep the particle(s) in motion  Sediment Load o load is the amount of material the stream is moving over some time interval (could be seconds, days, years)  suspended load  amount being moved by suspension 
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