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Wilfrid Laurier University
Marinel Mandres

Monday September 12 2011 Lecture 1September 12 2011Canadas Regions Concepts And Themesregional geography 1 detailed description 2 Interpretation of distributionspatial patterns associated with distinct future characteristics 3 Interrelationships examining connections that exist with the characteristicsregional approacha general geography dealing systematically with climate throughout the worldTopical approacha regional geographyregionan area of earths surface differentiated by one or more features which provide it with internal unity and distinguish it from surrounding areas region can be defend on different geographic scalescould be based on physical geography rocky mountains Canadian shieldsPolitical boundaries Ontario as a region for boarders as a province Legal boardersperception Cottage CountryMaritimesstvery large sized applied at the global scale groups of 1 Mega regioncountries ex Latin Americand2 Meso regionmedium sized national scale involves only parts of a country ex Great lakesrd3 Micro regionssmall sized global scale involves parts of a regioncity ex Southern Ontario GTACommon Characteristics 1 all regions have location by having a location all regions occupy a particular part of the earths surface 2All regions have area 3 All regions have boundaries every space has a limit 4 All regions occupy a position within a heigheracrchy Components of a region 1 all regions have a core corearea in which the distinguishing feature is clearly manifested and has the greatest intensity Domain semiPeripheryarea outside of the core in which the distinguishing feature is still dominant but less intense than the core peripheryarea in which tends to have an increased intermingling and extraneous features LOOK AT COREYS DIAGRAMtypes of regions Formal regionsan areas differentiated by the essential homogeneity uniformity orsimilarity of the distinguishing featuresevery aspect is measureable ex Fashions has to do withformal region considered to be the best one that we can use bc it occupies alarge area and since its all or nothing situation so you know you can makegeneralizations over time these regions are fairly stable and dont change very much boundaries are unchanged over very large periods of timeth Wednesday September 14 2011 Functional Region an area differentiated by linkages intensive interactionsflows among its heterogeneous yet interdependent features which contribute to the activity within it within a region there must be a focal pointFunctional regions tend to be stable however they can also be described or seen as dynamic City region Large metropolitan cityImposed Region an area differentiated by arbitrary administrative or jurisdictional boundaries ie legal entities such as municipalities countries and provincesexists within the Canadian landscape y They are a product of legislative political amalgamation idea of regional government y Example the new mega city of Toronto Vernacular Region part of our perception an area differentiated by the subjective perceptions of its inhabitantsy Distinctive feature is identity or affiliation People easy identify this region y People who live within in this region they develop a sense of place This sense of place is based on shared experiences Ex shared cultural experiences shared historical experiences shared economic experiences y Very fluid and contested Their boundaries frequently change y They are socially constructed y Are vernacular regions real or are they imaginedCore Periphery Model A model of the economic systems spatial structure in which peripheral areas arr defined with respect ot their dependence of a dominating developed core Two parts of the Core Core Periphery
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