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Soil Classification April 10, 2014 3:55 PM Canadian System of Soil Classification • Hierarchical System ○ Soil Orders  Soil Great Groups □ Soil Subgroups  Soil Family ◊ Soil Series • Soil Orders ○ Brunisolic (Brunisols) ○ Chernozemic (Chernozems) ○ Cryosolic(Cryosols) ○ Gleysolic (Gleysols) ○ Luvisolic (Luvisols) ○ Organic (various e.g. Humisol) ○ Podzolic (Podzols) ○ Regosolic (Regosols) ○ Solonetzic (Solonetz) ○ Vertisolic (Vertisols) • Cryosols ○ Distributed in permafrost regions, north of tree line, in the subarctic and high alpine areas ○ Cyroturbationis common ○ Cyrosolicsoils are formed in mineral or organic materials that have permafrostwithin 1m of the surface (2m if the soil has been strongly cryoturbated)  • Podzols ○ Distributed in Atlantic canada, across eastern Canadian Shield and BC ○ Under forest or heath vegetationin cool to very cold humid climates ○ Occur in coarse to medium textured acidic parent materials ○ Illuviated B horizons in which there is organic matter combined with Al and Fe ○ • Brunisols ○ Occur over areas of Boreal Forest; mixed forest, shrubs, and grass; and heath and tundra ○ Generally develop in cooler or drier areas than Podzols ○ Less well developed than Podzols  Have a brownish-coloured Bm horizon ○ • Chernozems ○ Occur in cool, subarid to subhumid Interior Plains of Western Canada with some areas in interior BC (dry climates) Surface horizons are rich in organic matter (appear dark) from the decompositionof ○ Surface horizons are rich in organic matter (appear dark) from the decompositionof grasses and woodylitter in grassland or grassland
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