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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

Michael Matthews October 4, 2011 Ideologies  What is an ideology? Powerful systems, truth, coherent world view, manufactured? Where does truth come from, and is it real. Ideology is a powerful system of widely shared ideas and pattern beliefs.  It tells us how things are, but also tells us how things should be.  Many people are very suspicious of ideologies because they believe they are made up by elites. Are these ideologies manufactured by people of power?  Ideology is very powerful because it informs how we see ourselves and others. It embodies your values and beliefs.  Important for us to study because more than any other subject you will study, globalization is about morals and ethics.  Is globalization something good or bad?  What is the truth to you? What is your ideological vision? What is your world view? Where do these positions come from? Is this question too simplistic?  Steger: Globalisms “Ideologies that endow the concept of globalization with particular values and meanings…” (p. 99)  Market Globalism- most dominant of the ideologies. Very much informed by Neo-liberalism. Strong belief in the free market. Believe in democracy, and where you put your money.  Claims of Market Globalism: Globalization is about liberalization and integration of the market.  Globalization is inevitable and irreversible  Nobody is in charge of globalization  Globalization benefits everyone  Globalization furthers the spread of democracy in the world. Makes people more available to work, sell, and prosper.  Justice globalism- does not mean that they are anti-globalization, but what they would like to see is an alternative view to market globalization. They want to see an alternate globalization. Comm
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