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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 Burger vs. Bun Kebab Week 7 -Growing up in Canada has made her too skinny -They feed you even if you are fat -Wonderful feasts, full of Pakistani delicacies -In Pakistan families come first, and the family meal is how they come together. They eat inside the home -Traditional foods are no longer at the top of the menu -Young people in Pakistani prefer to go to Burger King, etc. Because it is a status’ symbol -‘Burger’ – frequent McDonalds and KFC, don’t drink tap water. Upper Class. English speaking. Someone who is cut off from average Pakistani and the struggles. Borrowed material aspects of Western world. Though have not borrowed worker rights, ideals, democracy, etc. -‘Bun Kebab’ – Lower class. Authentic, messy, South Asians. Down to earth Pakistani. Tuned to local culture. -Food used as analogy because they do not have much culture: no music, etc. -These two classes do not mix -As much to do with language (Education system) a
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