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Global Studies
Alex Latta

Week 5 John LockeOctober 7 2013IntroductionKnown as the father of liberalismLived from 16321704His father was a player in the English civil wars of 1642 to 1651fighter in the army on the side of the parliament fought to end monarchyoparliaments vs royalistsoThis war resulted in the capture of King Charles Ihe was tried and executed in 1649After this there was no monarchy it became a commonwealthunder dictatorship of CornwellCornwell died and was succeeded by his son but then turmoil broke out in Englandwas becoming a failed stateso the people reinstated the monarchy in 1660Charles II was brought to the throne in 1660thoBritish parliament started in the 11 century as an advisory counciladvised the king of Britain and helped him to collect taxesLockes time was the period of the Wars of ReligionoCharles II was a protestant and found himself in the middle of these tensions oHis brother James was next in line for the throneJames was catholic and parliamentarians didnt accept thisstarted a bill to remove him but it failed oHe participated in the failed plot of 1683the Rye House PlotoThe failed plotting paved way for the Glorious Revolution of 1688With this revolution the powers of the monarchy reduced drastically England becomes a constitutional monarchy ndThe 2 Treatise was a justification of resistance to monarchical ruleoThis was a book written by John LockeoRefuted the doctrine of the divine right of king
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