GS101 Lecture Notes - North American Free Trade Agreement, Air Traffic Controller, George H. W. Bush

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7 Nov 2011

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09/20/2011: globalization, is there anything new under the sun, ecclesiastes 1:9-10, agenda, 1. Historical root of global imagery: globalization is not just out there. Economical, political, and cultural is in there too: prehistory of globalization. From russia, as alaska was once connected: cultural implementation. Number 0 is an invention from indians, romans had no 0: spread of viruses. Colonization: today, people don"t move as clans. The world is becoming a smaller place, more connected. Eu, un (integration: 3 examples of historic integration. Connected europe and india, technological and cultural transition. Benefiting from others: 15 century, decline in asia. Decay and decline: colonial prehistory of globalization, goes hand in hand with capitalism, god - cultural incentive, glory political incentive, gold economic incentive, east india (english) trading company. Corporation to go from one end to another, hoping to gain control leading to metropolis i. e. america going for economical reasons, beginning political influence. John stuart mill on liberty in east indian trade.