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GS101 Lecture Notes - North American Free Trade Agreement, Air Traffic Controller, George H. W. Bush

Global Studies
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Ali Zaidi

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GS101 Class notes 09/20/2011
Globalization, is there anything new under the sun?
Ecclesiastes 1:9-10
1. Globalization set of social process
-historical roots of social integration
-3 examples
2. Globalization as subject experience
-change in consciousness of human race
-historical root of global imagery
Globalization is not just out there. Economical, political, and cultural is in
there too
Prehistory of Globalization
-mass immigration
-cultural interdependence
-spread of viruses

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Mass immigration
-proposed North American immigration. From Russia, as Alaska was once
Cultural Implementation
-fusion foods (i.e. Chinese with Indian)
-number 0 is an invention from Indians, Romans had no 0
Spread of Viruses
-how does someone in BC get sick and Taiwan receives it?
-1/3 of populations wiped out by viruses
Today, people don’t move as clans
-mobility requires leaving a family behind
-the world is becoming a smaller place, more connected
-EU, UN (integration)
3 examples of historic integration

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-Silk road
-East Indian (English) Trading Company
-Dutch colonization
Silk Road
-connected Europe and India, technological and cultural transition
-slaves, silk, satin, perfume, musk, spices, meds, were all traded
Travelling gives you ideas and integration
Knowledge is perspective
By passing the Silk Road, the center of the world was Arabia and Persia
Middle East isn’t always as it was
After 1400’s Muslim societies, height of society no longer taking ideas,
becoming by passed. Benefiting from others.
15 century, decline in Asia. Decay and decline
Colonial prehistory of globalization
Goes hand in hand with capitalism
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