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Lecture 9

GS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Project Ploughshares, United Nations Secretariat, Materialism

Global Studies
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Edmund Pries

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GS101 Lesson 9: UN Peacekeeping
Canada’s Role
Number 68 in top UN contributors
Has Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)
Made by Lester B. Pearson
Used to be (but is no longer) an international peacekeeper
oWhat’s changed is the Canadian leaderships’ and military’s
mindset of how they want to be involved
oI.e. Afghanistan after 9/11 – Canada entered the venture into
Afghanistan, but pulled back very much from international
International politics has a lot to do with international peacekeeping
UN Secretariat and the ICJ
63,000 staff
Key cities: New York, Geneva, Vienna, the Hague (ICC, ICJ)
The Secretary General – Ban Kimun, Kofi Annan (predecessor)
ICJ (International Court of Justice)
World Court
15 judges (like UNSC) with 5 from the Permanent 5 (P5)
Nine-year terms
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Only state governments can bring suits
Three cases:
oEl Salvador vs. Honduras (border dispute)
oIsrael’s West Bank Wall
oNicaragua vs. US (state terrorism: Nicaragua won)
ICC (International Criminal Court)
UN: Success or Failure?
Success: great powers have not yet gone to war – come to the UN
and fight things out instead of doing so with weapons
European Union (EU)
28 countries; 24 languages
Newest member: Croatia
Trans-national or supra-national organization?
oTransnational: goes over a lot of nations
EU: penetrates all of the nations
oSupra-national: above nations
Increasingly becoming supra-national – above all of the
European nations, and can dictate to countries exactly
what they should be doing
Monetary Policy vs. Fiscal Policy
oMonetary: values aren’t seen by each individual country –
done by the EU
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