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7 The Roaring Twenties

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

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January 30, 2014 1 THE ROARING 20s Fragile economic recovery in Europe - Dependent onAmerican investment ECONOMIC RECOVERY Initial post-war boom - Demand for consumer goods which had been absent during the war Hyperinflation and currency collapse - Collapse of German currency o Middle class had saved money and been respectable for their entire life  German middle and lower class willing to gamble with the Nazis  Treaty obligations resulted in national and personal bankruptcy Loans and reparations - Elites say economics are strong o But still fundamentally jobless American Capital - Floating the whole system, dependent onAmerican investment INITIAL POST WAR BOOM Anticipation of a return to normal - The promise of a country destined for heroes disappointed - Economy cannot revive HYPER INFLATION AND CURRENCY COLLAPSE Germany payments - Fall behind on payments - Cannot give coal to the French o French occupy Germany with military to extract coal o German workers don’t cooperate January 30, 2014 2  Won’t mine for them Collapse of Reichsmark - Germany pays workers even though they aren’t mining coal for the French - Has to print a ton of money with no backing Versailles treaty made Germany unable to cooperate with terms - Forced to work outside of the treaty to fulfill requirements - Recognize Bolshevik regime quite early, cooperate with them. Persistent Unemployment - Party of moderate socialist win an election in Britain - Considerable discontent with the working class - Soviet socialist propaganda o Sabotaging western imperial regimes American capital - French able to pay minimum payments to creditors in Britain andAmerica - German able to pay reparations - Get paid for intervention o No responsibility for diplomatic or military security REVOLUTION CONTAINED R
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