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Alicia Mc Kenzie

The “barbarian” problem The Huns were in fact not the barbarians portrayed in art, and in the popular modern conception of them. How can the roman relationship with the “Barbarians” be characterized? Were the Barbarians an entirely negative/destructive force? The classical “Barbarians” Non-Roman – “barbar” Geobiological way Had thick blood, were strong and brave but dumb (according to thoughts at time) Some Barbarians close to sun Clever, but close to the sun and makes the blood go to the head making them volatile, tricksters Ethnographic view Writers can talk about them like noble savages (don’t have vices of too much civilization) Or can be talked about that barbarians are inferior and frowned upon Romanitas (have roman culture)/ Civilitas (living according to law) Being roman not about ethnicity, rose from conquest Make people you conquer have an investment in Rome Sometimes done well sometimes not Invasions Actually happened over 400 years may in 100-500CE Not all at once, not huge flip Migration age Germanic peoples Not actually unified by ethnicity Only history we have is through Roman eyes Not represent properly, but not barbarians so use this term Gregory of tours – Ten books of histories or histry of franks Confusion over terminology Clash of civilizations? Mediterranean vs “northern” Writers raised with views of personal investment in roman ruins, northern “savages” Volkerwanderung Germanist vs Romanist school Germanist – after germanics involved, rome changed More rural life Change in material life Romanist Germanics relied entirely on Roman legacy Tried to be like Rome In fact: Combination of the two elements. Primeval surge why did they move VS Domino theory – moved because moved by somebody behind them *******Foederati (nice group of barbarians)***** does not move into a roman country with aggressive manner Give them land Rome enlists them, and places them in the Roman army Didn’t always work out The Goths 376 AD goths come to Danube crossing Adapted into roman land Mistreated, not given supplies they required Rome offered them relationship an not folloed through They rebel group of 200, 000 378 AD Battle ofAdrianpole 60, 000 roman soldiers killed Goths still can’t feed the whole army Break up into small groups, Romans pick them off They then settled in the Bulkans (Visigoths (390AD) At this time still not united as all “Goths”, different ethnic groups Not unified as goths until some leaders decide it would be beneficial later Issues in bulkans, no help from empire sothey raid Stilicho andAlaric (king of the visigoths) Leader running instead of father Promises he will ship all the visigoths to NorthAfrica (much better) More food, more desirable than bulkans(visigoths desperate to go there) Emperor in the east (little kid too) Eastern empire northern empire protectd by visigoths, but then empire not defended by visigoths
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