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6 Peacemaking

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Alicia Mc Kenzie

January 28, 2014 1 PEACE-MAKING 1919 1871 German empire had been proclaimed in Versailles French overrun by Germans - Only way French can pay for the war is to get money from Germany o Not necessarily extracting money due to animosities Want to limit German influence EXHAUSTION Physical - People eating things usually reserved for livestock Economic - German submarine campaign sinks millions of tons of goods - Demobilization of wartime economies o Oil, ammo, foodstuffs for war  Britain liquidates international markets to payAmerica  America takes some of Britain’s markets • Britain can’t produce enough - French territory overrun and want compensation o Owe Britain a large debt Looking for a way out - Both sides cannot compromise or else the imperial system will collapse November 1918 - German army defeated on the field of battle in Belgium o Allies in position to invade German propaganda under Nazi’s postulates that Germany didn’t lose on a fair field of battle WILSON’S 14 POINTS National self-determination - Empires war because they have a threat to the state because of different nationalities January 28, 2014 2 o E.G. Austria-Hungary - Non-Europeans would also be included (southAfrica could separate) o So not liked by some of Wilson’s allies Disarmament - Less temptation to result to armed force - Existence of weapons seen as a cause rather than a symptom o Weapons don’t cause conflict, weapons caused from unease Secret diplomacy - If diplomacy was made
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