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10 Nazism

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Alicia Mc Kenzie

Nazis February 25, 2014 Antecedents and Roots The Impact of the Great War Defeat and Demoralization Germany facing socialist revolution - Led to the idea that internal threats (socialists, Jews) defeated Germany o Germans were in fact defeated on the field of battle Veterans groups Many ex-soldiers left - Trying to rebuild their lives with unemployment Fracturing of old values LGBTQ clubs in berlin - Challenge to preexisting cultural values o Church (They had open sexuality) Weakness of Weimar Republic Old aristocracy and officer core hates the republic - They think liberals and socialists dominate the republic - The army never has full sympathy with the republic o Many member of the army welcome Hitler Republic divided - Different political parties - Difficult to form strong coalition to deal with the country - By 1930-31 it is virtually at a standstill o Conservatives turn to the right to keep the communists out (Hitler 1933) Ideological Tenets Nazis February 25, 2014 Social Darwinism and Struggle Spencer takes Darwinism ideas and applies to humans - Survival of the fittest o End of traditional morality or honour o It is moral if it means survival o Strengthened national bonds Socialist Influence All Germans should have an equal voice - Agovernment run by the Nazi party serves all the people, not just the business elite - Anti-Semitic because many big business elites are Jewish o “Enslaved” good ordinary Germans o Gathered good benefits Distance themselves from Marx (Jewish) - Still have the idea of the community over the individual - Hitler demonstrates that he will not take the things of wealthy Germans o Only Jews o Reassuring Germans that they are not communist  They want to reaffirm Germany’s position on the international scene Race and Nation Rather than Class German workers and business owners are one community - Expand Germany’s influence against other national groups Authoritarianism Idea that one person is able to speak for all of Germany, not talking - More efficient - Any opposed eliminated Nazis February 25, 2014 - Obedience is more important than parliament or discussion o This is the image, realistically Hitler has officials that advise and argue  Hitler calls the shots Gaining Mass Appeal Party Promotion Seek to be respectable - Civilian jacket and tie Ruthless use of violence on the streets - Intimidates enemies - Influence how regular Germans will vote Party Structure Party Secretariat - Many officials to deal with details - must argue and anticipate Hitler’s will (Hitler is “lazy”) Hitlerjugend (Hitler youth) - indoctrinate youth to become future party supporters Hitler’s divide and rule tactics - many people have competing responsibilities - none of the top military officials would threaten Hitler’s position o EG. Himler is a former chicken farmer, thick glasses, not representative ofArian ideals o Goebbels is physically handicapped and looks “squirrelly” The Beer Hall Putsch Attempt to seize power in 1923 - Hitler goes to jail Nazis
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