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Vietnam [1] Early Years - From Truman to Kennedy French roots of America's war Eisenhower and the beginning of American intervention John F. Kennedy's war (1961-63)

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Darren Mulloy

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HI114The Vietnam War 1The Early Years From Truman to KennedyThe Vietnam War 19541975longfaileddomestically divisivebloody58000 Americans killed153000 injured4 million Vietnamese soldierscivilians killed 10 of populationhas had a lasting impactATHE FRENCH ROOTS OF AMERICAS WARvietnam has a long history of struggle1867Vietnam colonizedVietnam Laos CambodiaFrench Indochinathe French used FI for materialsinstituted a VERY repressive government to rulemonopolized the land most were put in a position of working the land to live thereHo Chi Minh 18901969Vietnamese nationalist perhaps one of the greatest nationalists of the 20th centuryat the time the communist party was one of the only party that openly opposed colonialismHo Chi Minh joined the communist party to further his nationalism19401941 Japan occupies Vietnam1941Viet Minh is organizedlead by the communistslooking to get colonial countries out of VietnamLiberate some northern Vietnam townsAugust 1945Democratic Republic of Vietnam DVR establishedSeptember 1945 declares Vietnams independence goes so far as to use some excerpts from Americas declaration of independenceThe French then return to VietnamMarch 1946France and Viet Minh compromiseDRVfree state in the French UnionFrench military occupation of Northern Vietnam to ensure complianceDecember 1946First Indochina WarFighting from Haiphong and Hanoithe french control the cities the vietnamese control the countryside8 year war1948Emperor Bao Dai installed by French
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