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Lecture 8

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 David Hume (1711 - 1776)  Empiricism  Gr: empeirikos = experience  Knowledge comes from experience  Justification of beliefs come from experience  Hume's Empiricism  Impression --> simple ideas --> complex ideas  Impressions  What is impressing itself on you is an experience  The world impresses itself upon us  It causes us to have certain self perceptions (impressions….according to Hume)  Impressions enter the mind with "force and violence"; they impress themselves upon us immediately (immediate experience)  Simple Ideas  Faint images  They're not as forceful or lively  They're like memories (rough around the edges; don't remember whole story)  Distance between experience and simple idea  All simple ideas come from impressions  Are any ideas in our heads derivable from experience or innate  Problem: what about ideas we have that don't exist on earth?  Example: unicorn.  Simple ideas - "admit of no distinction nor separation" (the horse, the horn)  Complex ideas - "are contrary to these and may be distinguished into parts" (the unicorn is one part horse, one part horn)  Complex Ideas  John Locke (1632 - 1704)  Descartes argues th
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