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Ted Richards

Aristotle -Knew Plato, was his student -Scholar, came from the Macedonian area -Didn't believe in the Forms. -Not-Horseness argument. -Doesn't share a category of a horse, not something is not a category is a category in itself. -forms don't solve -not a good enough reason to say that forms don't exist the arguments suck but got a good ,conclusion. the existence of forms is real. -Understandable change. -Forms r perfect eternal and unchanging. -assume that forms change (Blueness changes) -either it's getting better or worse - before it got better it wasn't perfect, so can't get better. if it was perfect and got worse than therefore it is not perfect anymore. it can change, therefore forms cannot change because they are unchanging. -Part of being in the realm of becoming is changing, chaotic. -like the erosion of a mountain. braking things down moving away from the form. chaotic we cannot understand it. -according to Plato change is not understandable. -there is change everywhere throughout the world, all science is nothing more than the study of change. -Understandable change is Aristotle's best argument leads to the paradox. good reasons to believe both but both cannot be true simultaneously. -All knowledge doesn't come from the Forms. -All knowledge comes from the Forms. -Aristotle starts with a metaphysical complaint, then when he tries to argue the epistemological (knowledge) point. -Experience and observation is not enough. -Experience of experiencing and Epistemological process must have both observation and research. -we are coming to understand a list or set of properties. Triangle Example: Closed figure, three sides interior angles are 180 degrees. -if we are just looking at triangles they can be different colour and size, have different properties but they are the same shape. what r the properties that make a triangle a triangle. ESSENTIAL=ESSENCE - other properties are not essential(obtuse, scalene acute, equilateral, blue) -have to know the set of essential properties. -anything you can know you have to have an understanding of the essential mandatory properties. if you look at the things a lot it is not observation, but reason. how does have anything to work with it has to experience it in the worlds. so you have to experience and reason to understand objects. -essences are in things because things have properties. -turn your mind into whatever your mind is thinking your mind is a duck. SUBSTANCE -Solution: Substance is what essence adheres to creating an object. -substance is just that what makes essences real. -takes forms and puts them into substances. -Essence + substance =particular object. -How can we understand change? -Tadpole. Turns into a frog. -if you don't say turns into a frog can u say that you know what a tadpoles are. all have the potential to turn into a frog..
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