PO102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Human Rights Watch, North American Free Trade Agreement

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3 Jul 2017

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International Law
What’s new and different in peacekeeping?
- China has way more involvement
- Canada is way less involved
- China contributes more peacekeepers than any other permanent member
- 700 troops to Sudan, some strategic interest
- global ascendency wants to be seen as a player
Governance of the UN
- searching for new Secretary General
- security council deliberates to find candidate then the general assembly votes yes
- candidate chosen is a secretive process
- might make process more inclusive and transparent
- no women as candidates (shocking)
- list of candidates in public
- Should present more than 1 more
- Suggested one-year term
International Law
- The rules that countries follow when dealing with each other
- How is it different than domestic law? Where does it come from? Is it written down?
How is it enforced?
- International laws is supposed to equalize and protect
Sources of International Law
- Tradition
o Agreements signed by states
o International norms
- Treaties
o Customary state practice
o General principles of law
- Domestic Judicial Decisions
o Legal Scholarship
- Shared expectations on the part of the group about appropriate behaviour
- In global politics it is expectations held by state leaders about how that international
relations are carried out
- Agreed upon behaviour that becomes habitual overtime gains legitimacy, leaders stop
calculating the pay offs of acting
o Ex. Norm around use of chemical weapons. Two recent examples, Syria 2013 and
Sudan Hussain vs. Iran and Curds
- Norms are often backed by the most powerful states; they often have a lot of influence
over time in international law
o Ex. Free passage on open seas
- Transporting prisoners to another area where certain actions (torture, etc.) are legal
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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