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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Christopher Anderson

PO110 October 9, 2012 Conservative- Right (resistant to change) - We are naturally free and can make decisions for ourselves, if allowed we can make the best decisions for ourselves (self- govern)  base for democracy - Social hierarchy isn’t inevitable because some people will succeed while others won’t creating a social hierarchy, changes and develops as people rise/ fall o Individual pursuits create the good life- let the individuals prosper - Traditions/ values anchor the populations and allows the system to remain stable (ex common history) - Private sphere left alone  people prosper and develop based on personal business but couldn’t be successful if the gov takes things/ monitors the market - Brings a sense of social responsibility (ex. Respect authority) o Social order - Small state- set some rules and enforce them, the state doesn’t enter the private sphere o Ownership and safety rules to allow for success but not hinder growth - State uses national symbols to generate nationalism and bring the people together (ex. Military, flag, etc)  product of your choices o Rational individual Reform Liberalism- Left - Competition (individual success) - No ideal (ne equality)  need to overcome social hierarchy o We should do something about inequalities - Rational - “progressive” values (changing/ moving towards something) - Great willingness to change policies, etc to make things better (include more people) - People are cooperative (your success= our success) - More positive liberties and negative freedoms o Empower people (some are poor and need assistance to succeed- level the playing field) o Overcome the natural hierarchy (middle equal) o Social fairness - Private property - Welfare state freedoms + institutions intervene to make fairer oricess o Private sector but still respectful of it o Good for the group - Facilities - You ought to reform the system o Open to change opens to question the state - Internationalism o Hierarchies emerging in the world need to be questioned between political systems (does mine cause inequality for others) Social Democracy - Rational - Something gets in the way of our freedoms - Society (group/ interests) are key  we succeed because we work together - Cooperate – some don’t succeed without help and we cant be fully successful if everyone isn’t successful - Structures- economies - Social - Political - Re enforce inequalities - Success is a result of your place in society more than your personal actions - Positive liberties (emphasis) o Empower people because the deck is stacked against many people o Substantive equality- make sure people
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