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Political Science
Christopher Anderson

PO110 – September 20, 2012 Week 2- Power Concepts - Better understanding of life based upon learned concepts, ex. A door, democracy, justice - When people have different ideas of concepts it makes communication difficult - General concepts (that apply to the broader range of objects/ idea) are more useful - Concepts can only go so far o Abstract idea - Concepts categorize objects into like/similar groups Walter - Problems with intellectual debates/ conversations o Dogmatism – sticking to what you believe with great passion and refuse to accept other’s opinions o Relativism – avoidance of opposing issues and different understanding, again no progress with disagreeing  Relative to each other o Eclecticism – deciding the best outcome without finding the ideal, giving up part of your argument in order to form a group definition, strategic rather than belief based, nothing is solved - Why? o Some basic agreement but continues as a self developed idea/ understanding of these concepts  Practice is more difficult than argument o Complex ideas  Not physical/ biological o Changing  Constantly developing/ evolving as understanding continues o Values  Your personal values alter your understanding of the ideas o John Cage – 4:33  Art? Elitist Challenge - Power is concentrated in the hands of few although the USA fought a war against communism where power is concentrated in the hands of few o How are they different than Germany post WWII - Democracy isn’t people making changes, etc but rather validating the person in power through their votes o We just get used to the way things are and stop fighting for how we want things to be Pluralist -
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