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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Barry Kay

PO 225- Lecture 2  Recall- 19 of the 50 states, “Swing” state, legislation was put in place to get back ground checks with guns  Pluralism  Elitism- suggests that power concentrated within a certain group that can influence politics, the educated and aware  Relates to the idea how government operates in a democracy, and how everyone can be involved in politics, it worked for Athenians, but not for us  Red- left Blue- Right Swing- Purple  What is wrong with American politics?  Chapter 4- political culture  Pg. 85- the amount of pride Americans have about their societies  Their country is exceptional- the spread of democratic values  The Constitution is not always helpful anymore, it is to old, the application of it is where it needs to change  Obama is declining  The population just does not trust them anymore  Era of modern presidents- since the 30s Misconceptions  1- Model for all democracies to follow- first written document, since that the were first so they should be followed  2- US Con. - 1787 written, forgetting about the laws that they man made, it is
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