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Lecture 4

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Don Morgenson

Michael Matthews September 22, 2011 Psychology Lecture 4   [email protected]  Raw scores are virtually meaningless on an exam unless you have some idea to the norms of a test. Unless you know how the scores distribute themselves. Graphing this shows central tendencies aha measurements of natural tendencies. Mean score is the average. Mode is the score that shows up most often. Median, is when you line up all the score and find the score in the midpoint. Variability: Range is the difference between the top mark and the lowest mark.  When a distribution is perfectly distributed, all scores fall along the mean. When you are in the 98% ile it means that you have scored better than that percent of people taking the test.  Percentile rank indicated the percentage of people you scored better than. You can’t score higher than 99% because you can’t score higher than yourself.  Know the major contributors and academic schools.  Next Topic: Our brains have the power to destroy itself, regardless of its amazing ability.  Nervous system parts: Central Nervous system (Brain and spinal cord), Peripheral nervous system (sylmatic nervous system or autonomic nervous system). Body problems change based on where on the spine gets broken. Brain has staggering complexities. Amygdala is our record of traumatic experiences.  Consciousness is infinitely more than ions dancing in the human brain. Ancient Egyptians believed that consciousness is in the heart. Prefrontal cortex- is where our analysis and thinking happens.  Different neural addresses of certain pieces of our memory and thought.  Cognitive functions cannot be located to a specific spot in the brain.  All of the instruments of your brain working together in perfect harmony. A pound or two of bowl tissue with the consistency of blue cheese. People argue that our brains do more t
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