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PS101 Intro to Psych Notes

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Mindi Foster

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Psychology Sept 11Course ID for MyPsychLab foster08246 Course ID for MyPsychLab Simulations PET407clairecoulterpearsonedcom Laurier Wizard B send a email with a screen shot of being logged into mypsychlabterm test 1 22 term test 2 32 final exam 38research participation 3 mypsychlabsimulations 5Dr Foster mfosterwluca DONT SEND THROUGH MYLEARNINGSPACE BA201 TuesdayThursday 1220pmBy appointment Office Science bldg room 2075G Teaching assistant Eden Hennessey henn8280mylaurierca TA Hours Wed 12 232 King St Office K 236PSYCHOLOGYhow our physical mental states and external environment affects our thoughts feelings and behaviourshttpwlusonasystemscom PREPwlucasept 13 pseudoscience is having an unsupported popular opinion and psychobabble scientific sounding languageie Media like Wild Hogs moviereality is theres no emperical basis for the midlife crisis it is a myth empirical work is observation experimentation and measurementpsychology 4060 year olds report greater well being than earlier in life also have empty nest syndrome with their childrenparents have greater marital success more sex less stress and more down time after students leavethey say people only use 10 of our brainsdefine your terms key to designing good experimentmidlife crisis in the1800s was 20s 2000s is 40s 2050s will be 50s crsis definition is a meltdown or psychotic breakAnalyze AssumptionsBiases most cases now a day assumptions are just marketing schemes
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