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Lecture 4

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Don Morgenson

Ps101- lecture 4 Test: Chapter 1, 2 and Appendix 1 15 questions chapter 1 20 questions chapter 2 15 questions Appendix 1 Past history of psychology, methods of research, statistical maneuvers. No calculators Read chapter 4, not on test but on exam, 6-7 questions Exam: 50 multiple choice Naturalistic observation  bias could sneak in, can’t derive causal but very strong. When studying behavior it may be the best  strengths & weaknesses  correlation does not mean causation, even if there is a high correlation  ex. Black Sabbath and suicide, violent tv and acting out  always tempted with a single cause mentality, there are actually many factors Scientific Method  has limitations: o takes place in a laboratory: does it translate to what we find outside a laboratory, somewhat artificial  psychology clearly wedded to the scientific method  Characteristics of Scientific method: o Rational- use reasoning and logic in applying the scientific method to different things o Empirical- experimentation and observation are critical o Self-correcting- if hypothesis is not supported, we change the conditions and try another hypothesis. Look for hypothesis that helps us predict behavior. o Objective- try to rule out the subjective and bias. Try to control subjectiveness o Quantitative- use numbers and statistics, numerical data  Psychometric approach: applying numbers to psychological phenomeno
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