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Full Lecture Depression and Anxiety Disorders

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Don Morgenson

PS101 November 14, 2013 Depression and Anxiety Disorders Dysthymia  Low level depression  Low energy level  A depression which is not severe enough to warrant the diagnosis of a ‘major depression’ Cyclothymia  Like bi-polar  Mood fluctuations/changes not severe enough to be diagnosed as bi-polar  Chronic  Can crystallize into bi-polar Early Onset Depression  Chronic,  Genetic loading  Environmental o Nature vs. nurture Cognitive Behavioural Approach  How we interpret negative things in our lives may predispose us to depression o Internal – global - permanent o External –specific – temporary Bi-polar Patients  Incredibly creative  Extremely thin line between genius and madness  Madness o Political implications o Really creative geniuses  Prevalence if disorder in these people is very high Mood disorders  Those with mood disorders are able to synthesize  Vincent Van Gogh  Trying to come to terms with the pain of his mental state o “madness might be a healthy thing, one becomes much less exclusive”  Through madness he had the power to see and love everything, the power and control of colour  Virginia Wolfe PS101 November 14, 2013  Sylvia Plath Evolutionary Psychologists  Evolution will rid us of depression  Madness promotes our well being, and integration  Transcendent quality of beauty in art, music and writing Albert Camus  We have the right to kill ourselves  Immigrating from the land of the living to the land of the dead  Would-be suicide is in the deep state of ambivalence o People aren’t sure if they want to live/die o 80% of people have thought about our own death Death  People do not want to die, but they are confused about living: is it worth it? Suicide  Worldwide: 15 million individuals threaten to kill themselves  Worldwide: 3 million attempt it  Canada: 9 attempts per completed suicide  4x as many males commit suicide than females  When homicide levels are high, suicide levels are low.. and vice versa  Suicide costs the government 850k a year  Blue Mondays are the worst.. (what is a blue Monday?)  1/5 of all suicides leave notes  Freud on Suicide: o 1. People who commit suicide have a wish to kill  First thought about killing other people o 2. Wish to die  All about age  People were placed precariously between homicide and suicide Factors Causing High Rates of Suicide:  Gender o Male  Being male puts you at greater risk than females
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