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Lecture 3

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Mindi Foster

1Chapter 3Biological Bases of BehaviourStructure of NeuronsThey receive intergrate and transmit infoneurotransmitterThe nerouns is a networks a simple movement is a complex processIncoming messages neurotransmitters are received by the dendrites Into the soma cell body inside is the nucleus of the cellGoes through the soma to the axon long thin fibreoThe axon is surrounded by the mylelin sheath gliaGoes through the axon through the mylelin sheathThe Mylelin S function is speedjumps across the nodesoProtection from adjacent singles Without protection there is an interception If the sheath is damaged leads to a loss of sensation MSThe sheath is not developed in babies therefore they are not coordinationWhen the axons end terminal button the space between the dendrite is called the synapse oTerminal button at the receiving neuron 1Communication between Neuronsresting potential no communication its stable and negatively chargedif the message is sent the neurons crates active potential ostimulation affects permeability of neurons so that positive neurons flow inrefracting period down time before can fire again oall or nothing 2
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