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Lecture 4

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Mindi Foster

1Sensation and Perceptionsensory input to organs and interpretationSee darknessHear loudnessALL SENSATIONSFeel the hairs on our armsHow the sensations are interpreted are PERCEPTIONSMeasuring SensationPerceptionAbsolute threshold the minimum amount of stimulation needed for an organism to detect a stimulus 50 of the timeIf you hear something 5 times out of 10 then that sensation would be defined as your absolute thresholdoColour of a traffic light at certain times of the day Just noticeable difference smallest detectable difference in the amount of stimulation what will you notice if a sensation stimulus is changedneed to understand for energy save JND of temperature fat free foodWebers law the JND is a constant proportion of the size of the initial stimulushow much change you notice is related to how large the initial stimulus Fechners law change in perceived intensityfJNDs absolute thresholdHow many changes vsWhere we started from 1Signal Detection theory signal detection involves decision processes interpretation response bias and sensory processesYaysayers says yes too often Naysayers says no too often LOOK ABOVE Sensation involves not only physical sensation but also interpretation Sensation is projected for milliseconds so its no consciously perceived 76Subliminal 5perception4ecna3 mr ozfir2ueQp10Low MindfulnessHigh MindfulnessMotivation primeno motivation primeacademic subliminal putting in message of words eg Motivation vs forced were categorized in mindful and not mindful then they were quizzedthe simbinal prime for moviation added for those that were not mindfulLipton Ice Tea were asked to complete a survey those who were given to the subliminal message were more likely to choose icetea2
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