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Lecture 3

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 3The Visual SystemVision is the modality through which much of our knowledge is acquiredVision provides an excellent illustration of how the close study of the brain can proceed and what it can teach usShow you how one experiment can spirial into further understanding The Visual SystemThe structure of the eye is designed to project a sharp image onto the retina the lightsensitive tissue that lines the back of the eyeThe Visual SystemTwo types of photoreceptors or cells that respond to light are found on the retinaRodsHigher sensitivityLower acuityColorblindFound in the periphery of the retinaConesLower sensitivityHigher acuityColorsensitiveFound in the foveaThe Visual SystemA series of neurons communicates information from the retina to the cortexIn the eyePhotoreceptorsBipolar cellsGanglion cells and the optic nerveIn the thalamus subcorticalLateral geniculate nucleus LGN what or where something is In the cortexV1 the primary visual projection area or primary visual cortex located in the occipital lobeThe Visual SystemV1 the primary visual projection area or primary visual cortex located in the occipital lobeThe Visual SystemVisual processing and analysis begins in the retinaPatterns of lateral inhibition between neighboring cells of the retina leads to edge enhancementThe Visual SystemThe Visual System
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